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Bentonite is a natural product. Water vapor is absorbed among its extracts. Our clay desiccant is characterized by an excellent price/performance ratio which makes it particularly suitable for the dehydration of industrial packaging. It does not contain Dimethylfumarate. Standard packaging bags: – 3 g. – 6 g. Box of 2.000 pcs


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The silicon dioxide is a material produced synthetically in the form of granules. It is suitable for the dehydration of industrial vacuum pack. Standard packaging bags: – 2 g. – 6 g. Box of 2.000 pcs


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The Microgarde stickers antimold. They must be placed in the box at the moment of the final packaging . In the presence of a high humidity, moisture in the air comes in the adhesive and starts a reaction that creates a special atmosphere that spreads throughout the housing helping to keep the product fresh and clean. Microgarde differs from Silica Gel that being a derivative from the sand absorbs moisture only. Sometimes it is not enough and the humidity remains. Also, if the sachet are not required perfectly dry before use will be ineffective. Microgarde on the contrary are delivered in a sealed envelope and will not be exposed to the air until the time of their use. Microgarde are easy to use. Open the package and remove the Microgarde, at the moment of the final package to tear one or more pieces of Migrodarde stickers and glue on the inside of the box that must be closed immediately after and not reopened. All rolls possibly unfinished should be returned to the foil pouch and sealed with tape to be reused. The number of Microgarde to be used depends on the size of the box and the humidity level . In most cases one piece will be sufficient. If the enclosure of Microgarde is not open this can be stored for up to a year . To improve the conservation of Microgarde Stickers they may be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct light . Opening the shoe box with inside Mircogarde stops the atmosphere that has been created and could thus enter moist air thus compromising the atmosphere preexisting so it would be appropriate to replace the sticker . It is also important to know that the sticker Microgarde can not make disappear the mold present on the shoes for which it would be advisable to use appropriate cleaners. The Microgarde is a chemically inert and does not constitute danger to the environment.


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The air bearings keep “fit” the upper or the leg of the shoe.